5 Things I Learned at my First Semester of College

I just wrapped up my first semester at Sonoma State! To call that first semester a culture shock would be an understatement. I've learned a lot and I've changed a lot in a matter of 5 months. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to further my education while continuing to run! So without further ado.... … Continue reading 5 Things I Learned at my First Semester of College

PERU 2018

On Tuesday I arrived home from a trip of a lifetime. Below are some pictures from my trip to Peru where I worked with young girls from the age of 6-18. The horrors these girls have survived (such as rape and domestic violence) is a true miracle. During my short time there I was lucky … Continue reading PERU 2018

Pool Day OOTD

Long time no post! I have been busy with sports, family, and finals that I haven't had the time to think of anything. However, for Memorial Day Weekend my parents have made it a tradition to stay in Palm Dessert, CA. I've been doing that since I could remember and I look forward to it … Continue reading Pool Day OOTD